ITAM Health Insurance Summary available for international students

Maximum Liability per Illness or Accident

1258 Units of Measure and Update in Mexico ($3,967,342.02 MXP)

Deductible for Illnesses

5.29 Units of Measure and Update in Mexico ($16,998 MXP)

Copayment for Illnesses


Deductible for accident


Copayment for Accident


Doctor´s fees schedule

According to Omnia Tabulator

Note: In order for the insurance company to recognize an incident as an accident, the first medical expense for the treatment of the accident must be made within the 10 days of the date of the accident
A co-payment of 50% will be charged for any treatment of the nose. (Does not apply for accidents)
You will not pay deductible and co-payment if all of the following conditions apply:
The illness is covered by the policy.
It's not a treatment of the nose. (Does not apply for accidents)
The doctor is listed as a GNP Omnia doctor.
The hospital is in the GNP hospital list.
For a list of Doctors in the omnia list and Hospitals in the GNP list, please call 5227-9000, option 3. option 1, your policy number is 34491904 and your certificate is your ITAM ID, adding an "A" at the end.


Methods to use the insurance

1.- Direct payment.- If you are being hospitalized for more than 24 hours, the insurance company will pay the medical bill directly to the hospital, according to the terms of the policy.  For this method to go into effect, you must inform the insurance company GNP, in the hospital module if it exists or by the number 5227-9000 option 3 and option 1, that you are being hospitalized.


2.- Programming of treatment or surgery.– If you need a surgery or a medical treatment, no matter the duration of the hospitalization, you can inform the insurance company so that it can pay the medical expenses directly to the providers, in accordance with the terms of the policy.  To apply this method, please contact or Eduardo Apellaniz at 55-1948-9493, at least 7 days prior to event, you will need a Medical Report filled out by the attending doctor and the results of the studies that confirm the medical diagnosis.   
3.- Reimbursement.-  If none of the above methods were used, you can apply for reimbursement by the insurance company. You will need to submit a Medical Report, filled by the attending doctor, all the receipts of the medical expenses (the receipts for expenses carried out  in Mexico must be meet all fiscal documentation requirements), the results of all the medical studies, the interpretation of any X-rays, copy of a valid ID and copy of a Mexican bank statement. Deliver the documents to the insurance module at ITAM.
4.- For accidents or illnesses outside Mexico:
For medical emergencies.- the coverage has a maximum liability of 50,000 USD with a 50 USD deductible. Please call Olympus from the USA to 1 800 448 9698 or from another country call collect to +52 55 5336 5284.
For non-emergencies.- the reimbursement method will apply.

Policy exclusions

The main policy exclusions are:
Preexisting medical conditions.
Plastic surgery (if it doesn’t, originate from a covered illness)
Eye glasses
Events that come from practicing activities such as martial arts, boxing, bull fighting, motor speed competitions, etc.
If you are the provocateur in a fight or while intentionally committing a crime.
If the use of non-prescribed drugs is the reason for the medical condition.
Psychiatric or psychological treatments.
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