Sum Insured:  $ 1,440,720 MXP

Deductible:  $ 7,203 MXP 

Coinsurance:  20%


Term of insurance:  From 06/July /2017 to 27 /july /2017.


Medical Fees.- Medical fees for covered conditions will be paid, according to the Omnia tab of GNP. To avoid paying the difference between the Omnia tab and the doctor charge, we recommend calling GNP at (+5255) 5227-9000, option 4 and request a list of Omnia circle doctors of the required specialty.


Foreign Emergency Clause .- If you are leaving Mexico during the term of the insurance, you have a coverage for emergencies abroad, with an insured sum of $ 50,000 USD and a deductible of $ 50 USD.


How Insurance works


Insurance does not cover public health care providers, such as public hospitals.


In case of an accident.- Neither deductible nor coinsurance will be charged. The insured will be covered for the amount expended.


In case of illness.- If the illness is of a covered condition, the policy will begin its coverage when the expense is higher than the deductible, however, in case of attending with a doctor of the Omnia tab, in a hospital with a GNP insurance agreement, deductible and coinsurance fee will be eliminated.


Only in case of nose illness (not accidents), charge of deductible and 50% coinsurance will invariably be made.


For any doubt or to see the complete conditions of the insurance policy, we recommend to consult the page, or call Eduardo Apellaniz at the following number:  +52 1 5519489493; email:  [email protected].